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Is Anal Sex Safe? How to Have Anal Sex Safely?

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We have been talking about anal sex for a while now on 2 am Fantasies, but we talked a little about anal sex safety. Surely, when people want to try something new, they worry about safety first. It’s the risk that makes somethings adventurous. But when it comes to sex or anything physical, I prefer not to take risks that could put my health in danger. And I advise the same to you. With that said, today, we are going to talk about is anal sex safe, how to have anal sex safely?

I’m not gonna lie. You will find some possible risks in Anal sex that are not present in vaginal and oral. Still, you don’t have to let them prevent you from enjoying one of the most sensual acts in the world. So, apart from knowing How to Have First-Time Anal Sex, you should learn about those risk factors too. And once you recognize them, you can prevent them on your own with these tips.

Is Anal Sex Safe or Risky?

Is anal sex dangerous? Well, that’s completely depending on how you are preparing for anal sex. If your idea of the best anal sex is inspired by how they do it in porn, you have taken the whole thing as a joke. I don’t know what pornstars are made of, but you cannot be that oblivious while doing anal intercourse in reality.

Unfortunately, you still have to put a condom on even though it cannot get you pregnant. Basically, you need protection to stay away from STD, HIV, and other harmful sexual diseases. Therefore, the condom is not only used for birth control, but it can also control your overall sexual experience.

is anal sex safe
Source: Teen Vogue

Note: If your partner pulls out and pours in his semen on your vaginal entrance after having anal sex, you can still get pregnant.

Anal sex is performed worldwide by many young men and women, and I’m not gonna lie. It does come with several risk factors. If we put aside the catching infection part, there are some other important points you should consider.

Below, we will talk about the risk factors involved with anal intercourse and how to eliminate them to have overall satisfaction.

How to Anal Sex Without Risks

Note: If you don’t have already read my article about how to do anal sex, read it here now. It will give you some useful anal sex tips that you need.

Moving on, anal sex is widely performed and enjoyed by different types of sexual couples. Before sex, we all want to do foreplay, and if our moods and partner permits, you can experience a different sexual activity like anal. The opening of your anus is purely sensitive because it is full of millions of nerve endings.

Due to the same reason, you may find anal enjoyable. But it can also cause discomfort if it is not for you. How do you find out if anal sex safe for you? Have a look at the points below. Read what does anal sex feel like from this post.

Don’t Do It If You Have Fistula

If you have suffered from fistula before, you should not even ask how to prep for anal sex. Because if you perform anal, the lining of the rectum can grow, which will cause a tear in the anus. If the tear is big enough to extend beyond the bowel area, this will lead to a fistula, which is not at all pretty.

Fistula is an emergency condition and can hurt pretty bad if you don’t treat it immediately.

Don’t Do Anal Without Lubes

Your vagina can get wet when you are sexually aroused. But your anus does not produce lubrication on its own. So, to keep it sleek so that the penis can easily enter, you will require lots of lubes. If you don’t use enough lubes, it can tear your rectum and anus lining and cause irritation, bleeding, and pain.

Remember that anal sex is not natural, but we do it anyway, so we always need to take precautions. With these tips, anal sex will get better.

Don’t Do it Without Protections

I have already mentioned it before. You should use a condom to protect yourself and your partner from infectious sexual diseases. The likelihood of getting a transmitted infection through anal sex is higher than vaginal sex. This is because your anus lining is thin and vulnerable to infections.

is anal sex dangerous
Source: Cosmopolitan

Don’t Insert the Same Penis or Sex Toy to Your Vagina After Having Anal With It

In case you have not understood it by reading the headline, you should not allow vaginal penetration of the same object or penis after having anal sex with it. First, change the condom and wash your hand and do vaginal sex. Or take a shower with soap and then try vaginal sex again. You can have vaginal intercourse before having anal sex; this way, it’s going to be better.

The bacteria in your rectum or anus should not reach any other part of your body, especially your vagina. So, before you start preparing for anal sex, strictly keep this in mind. Also, I know you wouldn’t want to put the penis in your mouth if it has been inside of your anus. But still, you needed to know.

DO NOT Indulge Yourself in Anal Regularly

This is another thing that you should never forget. No matter how boring your sex life gets, avoid having regular anal sex. If you indulge yourself in anal sex regularly, you are risking a high rate of fecal incontinence. This means the tissues inside your anus won’t hold the stool in various situations, i.e., when it needs to be inside.

You will find it hard to control your bowel movements which can lead to unexpected leaks sometimes. No one wants that.

FAQs About Best Anal Sex

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

Though anal sex is quite normal in porn, it can hurt like hell if you do it wrong. However, it is your body, and you can control it. If it hurts, don’t do it no matter how much your partner wishes otherwise. You can go slow with lubes and see if it is enjoyable. If you are following my anal sex tips, it shouldn’t be that painful. Also, make sure to try anal sex on comfortable anal sex positions.

How to Clean for Anal Sex

Is anal sex safe? Well, it partly depends on how clean you are. You can use water and soap to clean the outer area of your anus before having a penetration. Or you can also douche or give yourself an enema which I don’t recommend. Simple water and soap can do a pretty great job.

When you are finished, make sure to follow the same pattern to clean yourself up so that you don’t catch any infection.

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How to Prepare for Anal Sex

Best anal sex will be the one you have prepared yourself for. If your mind and body do not relax or your health is not good, you won’t find yourself liking it. I suggest you go through this post to learn how to prepare for first-time anal sex. I also suggest you have lots of foreplay and vaginal penetration before doing anal. It will help you reach orgasm fast and will feel relatively good.

Is It Safe to Have Anal Sex When You Have Diarrhea

The friendly advice is to clean yourself up internally before you have anal penetration. It will help you keep unexpected guests (💩) away from your bedroom. But if you have diarrhea, why won’t you wait for it to pass so that you can have a full-on enjoyment? And to answer your question, having anal sex during diarrhea is still safe if you follow all the protocols and tips.


Anal sex is safe if you enjoy it even with following all the rules and not overdoing it. But if you think that the rules for anal sex are too much, it’s simply not for you. Sorry, you can’t risk your health.

10 Best Anal Sex Positions That Make You Moan

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Men tend to love anal sex more than women, but the same thing can be super pleasurable for the opposite gender when done right. Some people think that anal sex is taboo, that your anus was not designed for any sexual activity. However, what they don’t know is that anal sex has been around for centuries. Hence, it’s more common than you think. Wanting anal sex is super hot, but you should know about the best anal sex positions.

Along with educating yourself on how to prepare for anal sex, you should check out these 15 amazing sex positions. Last week, we talked about how to have anal sex, and today, the positions are our topic.

best anal sex positions

In case it’s not completely clear already, doggy style is not the only anal sex position. There are plenty of others, too, and if you are creative, you can even make your own damn anal sex positions. To help your sex life hot and amazing, I have sorted out these 10 fun anal sex positions for beginners. Explore the list below and try ’em all. After all, why not?

1- Lap Dance Anal Sex Position

A lap dance is perfect for both anal sex and vaginal sex. If you are new to anal, lap dance can be another easy position after doggy style. You can tell your partner with a penis to sit down on the edge of the bed or a chair (a table would do), and you are going to sit on his lap. Put his penis on your vagina and slid up and down on it.

You can go as deep as you find comfortable with one of these best anal sex positions. You can also use your hands as much as you like. Using hands will bring on intimacy even more. You are surely going to like it. But don’t do the whole anal thing sitting on this position only. Change it often.

comfortable anal sex positions

2- Pile Driver

The first stated position, Lap Dance, gives you control of your body movement. But if you find it hot for your man to take control over your body instead, you can pull off the pile driver position nicely. You will have to have some flexibility and strength at the lower back to find this position comfortable.

The pile driver position involves lying on your back and let your man grab your legs. He will push your legs back to a point where they will be touching your head, making your anus and vaginal completely on display.

You can grab the bedsheet or pillows with your hands because you are allowed to do so. The rest depends on your guy as he will squat up and down on you and thrust himself in and out for anal sex to feel good.

anal sex positions for beginners

3- The Posterior Plank

Sometimes..well, most of the time, uncomfortable sex positions lead to muscle pain. But not this one. The Posterior Plank is comfortable and lazy af one of the most pleasurable anal sex positions for beginners. If both of you are feeling lazy on a Tuesday evening but still in the mood for some spicy anal sex, try this one. Lie on your stomach; legs parted so that your partner with a penis can enter you from behind.

His arms will be resting on their elbows for balance. His balls will be slamming against your pussy as he fucks your other hole nicely. Moans and sweat make this one of the comfortable anal sex positions more intimate. You can also call it “lying doggy,” a lazy version of doggy style. To make one of the good anal sex positions better, add a vibrator to the play.

first time anal sex

4- Good Anal Sex Positions: The Caboose

The caboose is an easy sex position for couples that also feels good while doing it anally. Even though the activity is related to your asshole, I find this position super romantic. You can look at each other, feel each other, staring into his eyes, and exchanging moans, all while letting him fuck your anus.

It’s like the spooning version of lapdance. You can let him sit on the bed or chair and back your body on his lap. His hands will be resting on either side of his back for balance. And you can do whatever you want with yours.

5- Lean on Me

Lean on Me can be a great advanced anal sex position if you find an object to support your body weight. It’s like the doggy style (doggy styles have many different approaches) but not really for beginners. You can find it easy at first glance, but it takes practice. What doesn’t? Especially, anal sex only gets better with practice. Anyway, the lean on me anal sex pose can be a good bathroom sex position.

You can lean against the wall or your toilet and let your guy hold your waist to thrust himself on you. As you can already feel, this pose lets your partner take control of your body. Thus, only recommended when you are with a trusted man.

Also click on this link to learn Is anal sex safe?

how to prepare for anal sex,

6- Baby, Back it Up

Another standing sex position on the list. Since your anus opening is full of rich nerve-endings, this not-so-deep anal sex pose can be a great feeling. You don’t need to go so deep and all. Instead, lie across the edge of your bed or a table and lean on one side with your ass facing his dick.

When he is entering himself on you, you can rotate your butt to regulate the pace and motion. If you want more depth, you can switch things up with a pillow by placing it under your side (at the side you are leaned against your partner.)

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7- Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a good and advanced sex position for both the P in V and P in A method. And if you don’t like the reverse one, you can start with the plain “cowgirl” position. Although, most beginners prefer the reverse one because their cum face is not visible.

You will also have control of his inch and thrusting, and his balls can also stimulate your clitoris. Tell him to lie down on his back, and you can sit backward on his dick. Your bareback will be visible to him, and he can reach out to your clits if you want.

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8- The High Chair Position

To be honest, most of you haven’t already imagined the high-chair position, have you? One of the most different anal sex positions needs a chair, of course, and you will have to sit down on it at a position where your ass will be accessible to his dick.

Your man can penetrate you standing behind you or squatting or kneeling over your back. He should grab your waist or shoulders to balance his weight while he is thrusting you. The higher the chair is, the more suitable it will be to fuck.

9- Comfortable Anal Sex Positions: Face to Face

I have talked about this position before, but not in the anal sex context. People find it hard to anal fuck in a position from where they will be actually facing each other. But the face-to-face position is the right one you were looking for.

To do this, your man should sit down with his hands placed on the bed, balancing his weight. On the other hand, you will be sitting on his lap and putting your hands behind you. Please note that you will have to do the most work in this pose as your husband will have a hard time fucking.

10- Missionary

When everything is being tried and loved, you can go back to your old sex position, missionary. Just this time, tell him to do the wrong hole since that’s the right thing to do.


These are not the only best anal sex positions, and you can find many others on the internet. But if you find them, make sure to try them all. And also, wait for me to give you some more hot-ass sexy anal sex tips on the next post.

Update: I have posted a new article about to how to make anal sex better. Read it from this link.