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8 Head-Blowing Blowjob Techniques You Need to Learn

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Everyone should learn how to give satisfying blowjobs to their man. Not that you don’t know how to at-all. It’s just that you have not discovered that talent yet. You can add the BJ session to your adventurous foreplay treatment or save it for a quickie when you are at an unusual place. To be honest, men think about receiving a blowjob from their girl more than you think about sitting on their face. It’s pretty basic, and unknowingly women wear lipstick for the same thing (the prettier your lips look, chances are, the more your date is willing to want a blowjob). You just didn’t know that really, did you? Well, you do now, so let’s get going.

If you are already good at giving BJs, this post will confirm it. But if you have not discovered that skill yet, you can learn from my 8 Head-Blowing  Blowjob Techniques. So, let’s focus on how to make his toes curl as he does to you. 

1- Be More Enthusiastic

The best blowjob techniques include sucking the hell out of him, which means let your body follow your instinct. If you are moved by a sudden urge to lick and suck the tip, do it because your instincts will always be right when it comes to sex. Note that your enthusiasm for giving him the most advanced blowjob techniques comes from your mind itself. If your attitude says something opposite to your desire, your man won’t get turned on no matter how good your lips work. 

Of all the most important blowjob tips that I can give you right now is not to shy away. Let your mind and body move by the desire of giving him a BJ. Just don’t do it because he wants you to do it. Do it because you want to. Think about it this way; you want your man to give you super amazing oral sex. But when you find out that he is not enjoying doing it, would you feel the best pleasure? You won’t because it does not work that way. It’s just a give-and-take policy where you give him what you love, and he receives it, simple. 

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2- Blowjob Tips and Tricks: Be Subtle

Boys have moods, too, and there are times when they don’t want their dicks sucked. I can’t pin-point what time it’s that; you will have to find out on your own. But for the different blowjob techniques, you can seduce him before taking his dick in your mouth. Sounds reasonable, right? Just like you don’t feel safe to take off your panty and get your pussy licked without any previous warning or anticipation (there is no fun in it), let your guy feel the same thrill. Play with him a little bit. Tease him. Maybe warm your hands, rub his thing with your fingers outside of his jeans, and dirty talk in his ear. This is really gonna get him aroused. And once his little buddy is awake, you can show your amazing blowjob tips. 

You can surprise him in the morning when he is still in his bed. Try to start by rubbing his skin, holding his cock in your hand, and giving him a handjob. You just don’t want to jump into the act and make it look like a let’s-get-this-over-with kind of thing. Make the moment surprising and interesting so that it remains one of his best blowjob memories.

3- Make it Visual and Creative

As I have already mentioned earlier, don’t go all boring and everything. Add a little spice to whatever you are doing. You can add soundtracks on the visuals like “mmm” or moaning a little while sucking him off. It gives a thrilling to the show, and he will surely find it fun. While you are at it, do make eye-contact with your guy. This is super sexy, trust me.

However, don’t overdo anything. If you are making noise, stop sometimes and whisper words of appreciation (i.e., how much you like sucking him, etc.). If his groans and reaction turn you on, don’t be afraid to masturbate by yourself. It’s all fun and game, after all.

4- Different Blowjob Techniques: The Head!

Though the whole inch is sensitive, the head or the tip of his penis tends to be the super-sensitive of all. The tip of his penis is also known as “the glans” that can make him scream even in a jiffy. Take the head into your mouth or between your lips and use your hands to offer stimulation to the rest of his penis. You can lick, tease, or tap the dickhead (in a good way) with your tongue to build sexual tension. And when he is ready, give him the rest.

But the tip is not the only way to give him an orgasm. Focus on the rest of the parts of his penis too. Use the topside of your tongue while you are licking him. The topside provides more stimulation than the underside because of the test buds.

Blowjob Tips: Before you give him a head, chew on bubble gum, or take a peppermint lozenge or similar things. It will give you fresh breath and a nice sensation to him in the private area.

5- Make Use of Your Hands

In case I have not mentioned it earlier, the way you use your hands, matters. You can grab his balls or rub his thighs with your palm, which obviously feels good. You can deepthroat him if you find it comfortable, but that’s optional. Using your hands is a must! Take the penis between your fingers and slid them up and down while blowing them with your mouth.

best blowjob techniques

You can make motions with your mouth—the ones you use during penetrative sex. Move your hands and mouth together in the same rhythm that both of you will enjoy. Please focus on the frenulum, the small V below the head where the foreskin meets his shaft’s underside. It’s another super-sensitive spot after the head itself. Seal your lips around it and apply all the tips given above.

6- The Balls are Playable Too!

Many men are not a fan of getting their balls sucked, but the rest like it. Most women ignore the testicles because they get distracted by the real thing. Don’t ignore them; ask your man if he likes being touched in the balls while getting a BJ. You can also lightly tug on those hanging bags when he is near the climax. Most guys have reported that it feels good to be touched that way.

different blowjob techniques

Please focus on the tissue around the balls, and it’s called the scrotum. Put that in your mouth but don’t move fast. That area is quite sensitive, so you will have to be gentle with it. Tongue these areas in back-forth and circular motion with either the tip of your tongue or use the full of it. It feels pleasant.

First Blowjob Tips: Change your licking and sucking pattern often. i.e., Go slowly and rush things all of a sudden or vice versa to create arousal. Do tricks with your tongue by licking him all the way up and sucking to catch his breath.

7- Twist Your Tongue Around His Penis

Use a lot of salivae. Chew on gums or a sweet and juicy candy if needed because they produce a lot of salivae which you can use to turn him on. Twist your slippery tongue around the head of his penis while holding it in your hands. Add variations and patterns to the technique to give him a satisfying BJ.

Also, occasionally deepthroat him by putting his penis deep into your mouth. Let the tip of his shaft touch your tonsil. The gag reflex on your throat will create tension around that area while the rest of your mouth (including the tongue) will be busy stimulating his penis.

8-Blowjob Techniques: Use Something Extra

A little addition to the intense BJ session apart from your saliva can heat up things real fast. Maybe use maple syrup or chocolate syrup or a little bit of ice cream on the top of his penis. Add temperature play to the game. You can use warm chocolate and cold strawberry syrup to stimulate his penis. Massage the flavor in his dick with your hand and taste it. Enjoy the sensation of all the deliciousness.

You can add champagne to the picture. Sip a little bit of champagne on your mouth and take him on your mouth. The bubbles will create a new kind of pleasant sensation when you give him a head. If you can’t play with champagne at the moment, a little bit of fizzy soda will do. I got this idea from Bad Girl Bible; it didn’t occur to me before but as soon as I found out, I knew it was perfect!

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Best Blowjob Techniques and Tips

You can use teeth if you want (I know they come your way). Sometimes too much excitement and blood rush lead us to use our teeth during a hot BJ session. You can use a little bit of teething if you want, but you should be careful with them. Do not give a Hickie on his dickie, if that’s what you are thinking. You can nibble a little but be careful. You don’t want to hurt. Some guys like a little bit of pain with pleasure and of course, you should get your guy’s consent before doing anything.

Hide your teeth by wrapping your lips around them. You can glide your teeth gently on his penis and use your tongue instantly. Mainly, hide your excitement when it comes to using teeth; you can use your other things instead. Also, note that not every guy can orgasm from BJs alone. They need something more and more intense, like your vagina.

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How to Increase Sexual Stamina: 6 Sex Drinks for Couples

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Days ago, I listed some aphrodisiac foods that help boost our sex drive. And today, we will talk about 6 sex drinks that will increase sexual stamina in both men and women. This list includes healthy juices (pun intended, totally) as well as alcohol (I know you were waiting to see this name). Now, you might be wondering, “do I need to include the drinks and foods in my daily diet?” The answer to this is yes. If not as a daily diet, you should take them regularly and frequently, not often. So, let the list begin, but first, we will focus on a few things besides the sex drinks names. We will talk about how to increase sexual stamina.

How to Increase Sexual Stamina Without Drinks and Foods? 

Healthy sex stamina is depending on a healthy lifestyle. And when I say lifestyle, I don’t always mean foods and drinks; it includes the hours of sleep you get every day and how much physically active you are. Your sexual stamina has something to do with your mental health as well. For example, if you spend more than 10 hours at work every day, it’s not confusing why you are not ‘in the mood.’ Of course, your job is important, but too much of it can make you a workaholic, you know what I’m saying. 

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You should take a rest, watch cartoons (hentai, more precisely), and read something fresh for your mental health. But you can always boost your sex drive in easy ways. I won’t ask you to swallow a handful of pills to increase your sexual stamina; indeed, some are in the market. But you want something that will be natural and healthy for you. If you find out what’s the best thing for your sexual health, you will automatically take part in the process because it is important to you. And eventually, doing those things will become easy. Here, look at the things that can increase sexual stamina without sex drinks for women or foods that boost sex drive. 

How to Increase Sexual Stamina? Set a Masturbation Routine

This is pretty obvious, isn’t it? But we women don’t have a masturbation routine; we only do it when we are too aroused or when we are bored. But why not include it in our daily routine, just like we shower and eat every day? Masturbation can help boost your sex stamina (I mean, look at men!), and it also helps release your stress (yeah, that’s the point). I will write a post about women’s masturbation sometime soon but remember to play with your clitoris from different angles and with extra stuff, as for now. If you are a man reading this post, try to use your non-dominant hand to jerk off. You can thank me later.

sex stamina tip

Get Mentally and Physically Active

Exercises not only can boost our metabolism and make us fit but it also has a great significance on our overall sex life. A reason why I prefer daily exercising is, it makes you sexy. The confident you are about your body, the sexier you will feel, and at the same time, it will improve your mental health. If you are free and happy (which working out can make you feel), you have nothing to worry about. So, you can spend more time in sex rather than worrying about how you will look naked. Specific exercises can help your muscles, and private parts feel relaxed during sex, which is crucial for lasting longer in bed. Mental and physical activities are a part of happy sex life, and if you don’t talk about foods and drinks for libido, you should at least talk about releasing stress. Go for a walk when you feel mental pressure, try to read a book or watch a movie, play with kids or dogs, write down your thoughts on paper, and feel more relaxed afterward.

improving sex stamina

How to Increase Sexual Stamina? Give Up On Your Bad Habits

There is nothing more harmful than pursuing a bad habit for years after years (smoking, for example). Though wine can boost your sex stamina, too much alcohol can do the opposite. Same with smoking cigarettes or pots. If you are a daily smoker who smokes at least two cigarettes a day, you have no idea how it affects your sexual health. Regular smoking can narrow blood vessels, which affect your sex life to a great extent. Instead of pursuing these stupid habits, get some new and healthy ones, reading and watching porn, for example. And you will see it improving sex stamina over time.

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Try Other Sexual Acts

If you start having sex, you will finish it soon, and your body will have no idea how to keep the erection alive for a longer time. Statistically speaking, many females love foreplay more than sex, so you are the king if you focus on that. You can explore many different ideas to keep the spark alive in your sex life, and each of them will be worth it. Since you are looking to learn how to increase sexual stamina, you can focus on sex in every way possible. And it should include more than just penetration. If you know how to experience the act, your body will respond to it by giving you enough time to enjoy it. Therefore, go for sexual adventures and learn new ways to satisfy yourself and your soulmate.

aphrodisiac drinks for women

6 Sex Drinks for Couples to Increase Sexual Stamina

Sometimes it’s our age that refuses to have sex even though we are so ready. Changing your lifestyle and taking care of your mental health can improve sexual stamina, but aphrodisiac drinks for women are no joke. This section will talk about those 6 drinks that are completely natural and healthy for both men and women.

1- Alovera Juice Best Drinks for Libido 

Studies say that aloe vera can increase testosterone and male hormone production related to sexual stamina and sex drive. You can drink aloe vera juice once a day during breakfast or after lunch to boost your sexual energy. It is not only for sex, though, but aloe vera has also proven benefits in our overall health.

how to increase sexual stamina

2- Milk and Banana for Sex

Milk is great in providing calcium and potassium to increase your energy, especially when mixed with banana goodness (pun intended, again). Ever wondered why newly grooms and brides in Indian culture are offered flavored milk on their wedding night? Well, I hope you got the reason now! You can cut down small pieces of bananas and mix them well with warm or cold milk in the mixture machine to make the milkshake. There is no need to put any additional flavor, but a little bit of chocolate sauce won’t hurt.

improving sex stamina

3- Aphrodisiac Drinks: Pomegranate Juice

Okay, let me rephrase that. Pomegranate is not necessarily an aphrodisiac food, but it can help cure erectile dysfunction. Pomegranate contains a high amount of antioxidants, which gets the blood flowing in all the right places. Therefore, it can increase your sex stamina, making you better and last longer in bed.

how to increase sexual stamina

4- Beetroot Juice

Beetroot has a vast amount of Boron minerals that improve the reproduction cells and hormones in male and female bodies. Taking beetroot juice frequently can help you get your sex stamina back.

how to increase sexual stamina
Beetroot Juice

5- Watermelon Juice

The L-citrulline present in watermelon increases nitric oxide production that helps in a better erection and an overall sexual performance. This fruit juice is also quite tasty, more than beetroot juice anyway.

6- Red Wine for Sex Stamina

Red wine is luxurious, classy, and sexy, known to be aphrodisiac drinks for men and women. Though it may seem like alcohol boosts our sex drive, it doesn’t; if anything, it worsens, but things are different with red wine. Red wine stimulates the brain receptors and makes us respond to sex better. Though unlike other natural sex drinks on the list, this one is not appreciated all the time. 

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TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT How Strong Is Your Sex Drive?

You don’t have to take all these sex drinks every day but make sure to take each of them alternatively, along with considering other sex stamina tips in mind. Feel free to check out my other posts to gain some knowledge regarding sex and intimacy. Also, free free to drop your thoughts below.

Top 15 Expert Foreplay Ideas For a Spicy Sex Life

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Foreplay is a car that leads you to the main destination! So, obviously, the journey needs to be special and adventurous. Whether you have never had sex before or looking for hot foreplay ideas to spice up your sex life, you have come to the right place. Here, I will tell you the top 15 foreplay tips and ideas you can start exploring tonight.

I won’t bore you with a long and detailed foreplay definition. But shortly, it’s the act of getting wet and hard. You can check out this post that I have published in the last week to know what foreplay is, but today, I’m only focusing on the best foreplay tips to turn on your fuck buddy.

1- Foreplay Ideas: Get Nasty

Many people (especially women) complain that their partners are not interested in foreplay. After a certain time in a long relationship, men start to avoid foreplay. While there are obviously some valid reasons behind this, avoiding making out is not a solution. Please be assured that foreplay is not only a physical act. It’s about mental stimulation as well. The fact is, sex only lasts a couple of minutes, but foreplay is the actual thing that many of us desire. Without the proper lover-making techniques, you probably wouldn’t be able to get ready to have sex. Therefore, it is the most important and pleasurable part.

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foreplay ideas

That’s why I’m telling you to get nasty. And get kinky. Share whatever dirty idea you have in your mind with your partner. Try out new roleplays, sex toys, places, and explore as much as you can. Sex is not a race, but it’s an adventure and a field of neverending opportunities. The more you learn new things, the more you will love it, and foreplay is the only option. Without foreplay, sex is nothing.

2- Experiment With Different Touch Techniques 

There is a thing about foreplay sex when we find out what excites them the most, we stick to it and ignore the other parts of our partner’s body. Here is some foreplay tips to use on him; experiment with different zones of his or her body, starting with the ear lobes, shoulders, collarbones, chest line, chin, back, arm, scalp, neck, fingers, torso, inner thighs, feet, and whatever comes to your mind. Men are sensitive on their nipples, too, so don’t ignore them. 

While you are at it, try different forms of touch to cause arousal. You can do the following-

  • Bite or nibble 
  • Stroke with your fingers
  • Obviously, kiss and lick if appropriate. 
  • Make spiral or circular motions with your fingertips.
  • Pinch (applicable for nipples and clitoris)
  • Pull or tug (again, applicable for clit and nipples, sometimes balls too)
  • Ask your partner if they like spanking. You can also slap their boobs or cheeks if they are fond of it.
  • Scratch gently with your nails 
  • Flick with your fingers
  • Rub
  • Massage
  • Brush their skin with your lips
  • Blow air with your mouth (make an “O” with your lips and blow air on their sensitive areas)

Once you focus on all the areas that make them feel hotter, they will respond to your touch, and that’s where the real fun begins.

3- Shower Together or An Erotic Massage: Foreplay Tips for Women

Sometimes showering with rubbing some soaps or shower gels on each other’s body creates a heightened sexual tension. Don’t stimulate just yet, and not only on the erogenous zones but also focus on every inch of their body. You can also try to give your partner an erotic and sensual massage with oil or lubes. Various magical erotic sex massage techniques exist in Kamasutra that you can try. You can play a sex songs playlist simultaneously to make it more special. 

foreplay tips

4- Play Sexy Games with Your Partner

There are so many sex games that you can play with your partner, and all of them are counted as the best foreplay tips. You can play the yes/no/maybe game to determine what your partner is willing to experiment on the bed and what are the things they might pass. This will give you a chance to start your dirty talk. You will find sex dice and card games to buy online that will be fun. You can also sext each other while still being present at each other’s sights. Better off, sext them the whole day starting from morning and start doing all the things to them you told them you would do when both of you are alone. 

5- Watch a Porn Together or Read an Erotica 

If you are into porn or like to watch adult movies, you are in luck. You can also read an erotic novel or story to your partner and enjoy the moment. In this context, I have an idea: try to pull off the scenes the characters are doing or the words they are saying to your lover, like a play. And it will lead to hot foreplay sex for sure. Do the same thing while watching porn or movie, play the scenes in real life, and be a great roleplay.

6- Foreplay Tips and Ideas May Also Include Not Kissing

I know that french kissing is the hottest thing ever, but have you ever promised someone a kiss and almost kissed him but, no? Try this once at least and ask your partner how they like it. In whatever position you are, take your mouth close enough to your partner’s and barely kiss them with your parted lips. It builds sexual tension greatly, especially when you are breathing in and out in their skin. Though this does not necessarily count as one of the foreplay ideas, it is still seductive and can weaken their knees. You can try this method in between following the other techniques mentioned earlier. Bet this will leave them begging for more.

7- Mimic Your Partner: Foreplay Ideas

You can either ask your partner to show you what they like or mimic their moves. Are you having sex for the first time? Then this one of the greatest foreplay tips can help you get going. Try to pay close attention to whatever your company is doing and use the same techniques on them. This will turn them on in the future partly because they like what they do and partly because you have remembered what they were doing. 

8- Try Out Mutual Masturbation

Mutual stimulation is a master-technique of having fun. You don’t always have to go for penetrative sex straight away, but you can explore different foreplay tips to use on him, like mutual masturbation. Mutual masturbation is the same as solo masturbation, except for you will be exchanging hands for each other and each other’s favor. Speaking of which, oral sex came into my mind.

9- Don’t Forget Oral Sex as Good Foreplay Tips

Foreplay sex is incomplete without oral sex in some cases. By learning how to give a mind-blowing orgasm to a woman, a man has achieved almost everything in life! If you are a woman, you can learn some amazing blowjob techniques to apply to your man. Or teach your man where your g-spot is so that he can give you that toe-curling orgasm. Using both tongues and fingers simultaneously is the best way you can give oral sex to a person with a vagina. On the other hand, using your mind, hands, lips, tongue, and teeth is the best way you can give a superb blowjob to a person with a penis. 

10- Temperature Play

Temperature play is one of the best foreplay ideas if you can do it right. Use cold and warm things alternatively to stimulate your partner’s private parts. You can use ice cubes and hot wax of candles to arouse your companion sensually. Or warm a spoon head between your palms and use that against their genital after using freezing ice. Temperature play tends to be super erotic and sensual and also heightens the pleasure during sex. Or you can also use cool lubricates instead of ice cubes. Just put the lubes in your freezer for some time and use the cold product on their vagina.

11- Blindfold and Handcuffs

Like to get kinky? Why not use blindfolding and handcuffs as a foreplay technique? Blindfolding builds an extreme sexual tension as the person blindfolded can’t see what you are doing. The anticipation makes them crazy (in a good way), making the whole experience more pleasurable. You can handcuff them and blindfold them simultaneously or use both of those tools separately or keep them for another time.

12- Foreplay Ideas: Lapdance 

Do you like those sexy strippers and their hot lap dance techniques? Well, you can do this to your partner. Watch some lapdance videos on YouTube and apply their appealing moves to your mate. Maybe it will not be as skilled as them for your first time, but practice can make it perfect. 

13- Do an Erotic Photo Session as One of the Foreplay Ideas

Ask your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend to take your sexy photos with their camera or phone. Pose as boldly as you like with as few clothes on and showing some skin. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Get right onto it then!

14- Just Tease, No Sex

Use your mind and dirty talk as much as you want but dare them not to try to touch you. If they fail or lose their self-control, you win, and they will do whatever you want them to do. You can also add it to your sex games list to try with your boyfriend.

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15- Act As If You Have Never Seen Each Other Before

Go out in public and start with meeting each other for the first time. Act like strangers who have never seen each other before. Then flirt all over again and get laid!

These are all I had in my mind for Expert Foreplay Ideas For a Spicy Sex Life, but I will add more once I find something interesting to say or explore. Meanwhile, you can get the list going by sharing your good foreplay tips and ideas in the comment box below.

Sexual Foreplay: How to Do it the Right Way?

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When I watch porn, I look at less intimacy and more fucking. Of course, we all like to fuck but not just the way we have been taught to. A little bit or lots of foreplay spices up the game! But the question is, what is foreplay? And how to do it right?

You can count everything before sex as foreplay. Sex means penetration. You can count oral as ‘sex’ and not ‘make out’ (as someone on Tinder told me once). You can do foreplay with your clothes on and off. It may include your hands, lips, or other objects which trigger arousal. And for the record, I do count sexting as foreplay.

In case you didn’t know, foreplay is the most vital part of being intimate with someone. It’s the stage where you get to learn about each other’s body and mind. It has many common synonyms. Some call it cuddling, making out, lovemaking, necking, sexual activities, and even calling it oral sex. But anything that involves your genital is sex. So I wouldn’t categorize oral as lovemaking.

what is foreplay

Without lovemaking, you wouldn’t feel enough aroused to have sex with the person. This situation is especially applicable to women. First time or seventeenth time, if the woman is not aroused enough, a man cannot make his way to her vagina. So, in that case, making out is equally important for both men and women.

What is Foreplay?

A study shows that both men and women need to participate on an average of 20 minutes of foreplay. However, that does not happen much. Most of the time, we only get around 10 or 15 minutes before jumping into the most ‘vital part’. Call it impatience or lack of time, but sex is incomplete without proper lovemaking. A study also shows that kissing, touching, fingering, or oral stimulation helps you reach orgasm more likely. Of course, when you start with foreplay, you will get to go into the penetration part as one thing leads to another. Mutual stimulation is an important part of your overall sex encounter, and without it, you are not actually spending time on sex.

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If you want to know about your partner on a deeper level, spending time on lovemaking will help you. After all, sex is not only about orgasm; it is much more than that. The purpose of kissing and touching is to build excitement. The more you make the excitement, the more you get wet, and the man gets harder. Also, this is a process of learning self-control and enjoy pleasure.

foreplay meaning

However, it does not have to be physical or skin-to-skin contact. Foreplay sex can include mental stimulation like sexting, reading erotica out loud, eye contact, touching with clothes, and anything that builds sexual tension. In fact, you can schedule foreplay with your partner instead of having sex and still count it as sexual. Why? Because, as I said, sex is not all about penetration.

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Foreplay Definition for Men, How it Benefits

Many men don’t count foreplay as a sexual act unless they have full-on intercourse afterward. However, lovemaking is more important for some women than intercourse as they don’t get anything through the latter. Some of us think that sex is more pleasurable for men than women. Well, it’s true only when you are counting out nibbling and kissing of the list. On the other hand, men try to rush things and add a little time to sexual foreplay. They have only one fear in mind, losing their erection.

A word of advice for men in this context, please don’t think about your erection while enjoying your woman. Just give her the pleasure and focus on her body. Your mind will automatically withdraw itself from your penis, and you can have that erection for longer than you think. Sex is like a transaction to me. You give, and I receive. I give, and you receive. So, if you are only focusing on yourself, then you are not doing it right. Men’s sexual pleasure is usually based on how their partner is reacting to their actions. The more she reacts, the more he feels confident.

foreplay definition

Men’s erection has a certain circle of staying and leaving. And people who are not capable of maintaining it according to their needs take Viagra. However, that is more likely to insult men who have perfect penis health and do not experience erectile dysfunction.

Quickies are good for movies, but men like to see their ladies screaming, begging, grinding, and moaning in real life. So, if you don’t spend time learning what foreplay is, you are not on the right path.

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How to Start Lovemaking?

Learning how to start necking is almost like How to Initiate Sex When You Are New. It is a no brainer, trust me. All you need to do is think about sex when you are with your partner. And then turn those thoughts into action. Here are some foreplay ideas that can help you get started.

French kisses: French kissing is the first thing most of us do before being willing to have sex. It involves your tongue and lips, and it will lead to making out.

Making out: Making out is not only kissing, nibbling, or licking, but it involves a lot of touching. Sometimes it leads to oral sex if you do it right. And yes, grabbing and grinding count as making out.

Dirty talks and teasing: Teasing along with dirty talks is a very seductive combination. Tell your partner how much you like to make out with them or tell them how sexy they are, how they turn you on. If you don’t know how to dirty talk, learn it. While you are talking dirty, make sure to use your teeth, lips, fingers, tongue, and other parts of your body to tease your partner. Basically, teasing includes a lot of stimulation, nipple stimulation, and clitoris stimulation.


Massage: Massage as foreplay tips does not fail. You can include oil or chocolate if you want, and you can also lit up a scented candle to set up the mood. You can even use lubes while doing a massage.

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Indirect stimulation: Indirect stimulation can be done with your clothes on. You can rub your private part against your partner’s knees or any body part that feels good. This is applicable for both men and women.

Oral sex: You can do mutual stimulation with your fingers and tongue and tease your partner’s anus, clitoris, or penis. Oral sex feels good if you can do it right. This does not count as foreplay, but it’s something you can count as after foreplay. You can check out the best way to pleasure a woman from this post.

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That’s all you needed to know as a foreplay meaning. But to get the best foreplay tips and ideas, check out the link. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.