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What is the G-Spot? How to Have a G-Spot Orgasm?

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Some people don’t know how to give or get a female orgasm. All they talk about is how enjoyable sex is for men and stuff like that. You know what? They don’t even know that female G-spot exists. These people don’t know that we can enjoy both g-spot orgasm and clitoral orgasm at the same time.

I have created this post for the ladies and gentlemen who don’t know how to give and take a truly sensational g-spot orgasm during sex.

After all, sex is incomplete without an orgasm.

Where is the G-spot? What Is It?

G-spot has many names—Gräfenberg spot, G-area, female prostate, the black pearl, pleasure button, etc. But many people don’t talk about it that much. The question is, is g-spot real? Does it even exist?

There are various controversial answers to this question. But if you compile them together, you will come to the same conclusion, “g-area exist but in some women.” It means this erogenous zone in the female body only exists in some women and absent in the other half of the population. So, if you fall into the first category, you are lucky.

g-spot orgasm

This g-area is located underneath the vaginal wall of your front and sized about 5p piece. People who have experienced the gräfenberg spot orgasm said that the area is ultra-sensitive, and it’s an erectile-like tissue that swells when touched or stimulated. When being aroused, this area can become the size of a 10p. It feels somewhat like a clitoral orgasm. In fact, some women depend on their g-area to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse. And if you have this gräfenberg spot inside you, you are more likely to squirt after penetration.

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How Do You Know If You Have a Gräfenberg Spot?

You don’t have to go to a guy to ask him to hit you right on the G. If you want to know you have the G or not, you can experiment with this alone in your home.

On your usual masturbating session, you can pour lots of lubes on your fingers and insert them a few inches inside your vagina. When your fingers stop one-third in the way from your vaginal opening, there might be a spongy area that feels different in touch.

Everyone’s body is different, and it’s possible for you not to have a G. But if you do, when you are turned on, you will feel the G better than normal times, and you will also know how the g-orgasm feels like if it’s stimulated the right way. The best sex positions for a g-spot orgasm are cowgirl and doggy and other positions that allow deeper penetration.

where is the g-spot

When you are exploring with yourself, you can use different types of G spot vibrators. These vibrators also come with other functions that let you stimulate the clitoris and g-area simultaneously. Purchase a cute rabbit vibrator that is also soft to the touch and gets the job done.

Does Finding Your G Make You More Sexually Satisfied?

It should; that’s why it was created. However, finding your G and getting to know it isn’t the same thing. Once you find the spot, you will have to spend some time knowing how to stimulate the area to reach an orgasm. Please find out the types of movements of your fingers or dildo that makes it more excited. Experts say that massaging your G regularly can increase the blood flow in the area to respond better to sexual activities.

Anal Sex Guide: How to Have First-Time Anal Sex? Things You Should Know

But your gräfenberg spot is not the only thing that can make you satisfied. Though it’s true that the larger the penis size is, the more pleasurable sex becomes as it can reach your G successfully and excite other parts inside the vagina. But that’s not the only way you have sex. In fact, if the insertable object is too big and fat, it can make you uncomfortable.

Ask Your Partner to Give You Multiple Orgasms and G-Spot Orgasm

Multiple orgasms may include stimulating your clitoris and labia as well as the g-area. Ask them to give you proper oral sex by inserting two fingers inside to arouse the G and licking your outer vagina (clits, labia, and vulva) at the same time to get multiple orgasms. You can also ask them to press and rub slightly on your lower-belly border while fingering you. If you feel a little tickling sensation just above your pubic bone and under the belly line, the possibility is you have the G-spot. So rubbing your belly border in a circular motion while fingering you may help you reach the climax quickly.

You can also ask your partner to switch things up slightly by moving from G to C (clitoris) back and forth to build sexual tension in your body. It may slow down your climax, but it will be worth it.

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What are the Best Sex Positions for G-Spot Orgasm?

If the position during penetrative sex can help your partner hit your inner vaginal wall, there is a chance it will thrill your G as well. There are quite some positions that can get you in there, including the ones mentioned below.


Ask your partner with an insertable object to lie on their back and you will be on top of them, face-to-face. They will enter inside you with their dildo or penis. To support your weight, you can place your hands on their chest or either side of their body and slide up and down in slow-motion with a raised pelvis. That’s how you ride a cock.

Missionary with a pillow:

Missionary does not necessarily prompt a deeper penetration unless you place a pillow under your lower back. A raised pelvis can help the penis enter a few inches deeper inside of your pussy.


Doggy style sex is another quick way to get into your G-area. This position also produces a deeper penetration.

The Takeaway

Don’t be upset if you don’t have the g-spot. But try to enjoy other pleasurable and sensitive areas in your body so that you can reach an orgasm. Also, check out this post to give a satisfying blowjob. If you know about any other sex position that gives a nice g-spot orgasm, tell us in the comment box below.

How to Be Sexy: Top 6 Tips to Attract Anyone!

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Somewhere in the world, someone created the idea of a curvy woman walking in the streets showing off her cleavage, called sexy. Even you will find many girls post revealing pictures on social media to get compliments like “sexy.”

But the term, ‘sexiness’ has different concepts depending on who you are talking to.

Some sapiosexual people will tell you that they find intelligent people sexy. Romeo’ types of guys who look for nothing but good looks and round boobs will say skinny women are ‘sexy.’ But these all come down to one conclusion.

To me, confidence is hella sexy.

Now, if you find yourself comfortable in your own skin, no matter how little or big your ass is, you are sexy. But there are ways you can get that confidence that most beautiful people don’t have.

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly the same. So keep it up, ladies and gentlemen!

Join a Bunch of Gym Freaks

Don’t worry; I’m not going to ask you to put on weight or lose weight. But just so that you can feel good about your body and fitness, you need to work out. Trust me; this has nothing to do with ‘getting in shape.’ Working out every day does give us some energy and kills stress. You feel good about your mental health and physical health since you know that you are not lazy, like others who don’t even care about their body. If you are really that concerned about your body image, don’t join a gym. Try to work out at your home alone or with your roommate. Trust me, you will notice a lot of change in yourself, and you will become more confident.

how to be sexy

Click Sexy Photos Even If You Don’t Want to Share Them

This is another trick for how to be a sexy woman. You don’t need to be sexy for anyone else rather than yourself. And trust me, even if society tells you that you are not hot enough, you can beat them down by accepting your body. Click as many hot photos as you can from different angles. And if you feel too compelled to show them to somebody, show it to your husband or hop into your Instagram handle. No, no. Don’t reveal the hottest photos if you are not a celebrity yet. But the most appropriate of them will do a decent job. At least to gain some self-esteem. The thing is, if you accept yourself, no one in the world will ever be able to knock you down.

how to be a sexy woman

Sleep Naked, Spend Sometimes In Front of The Mirror, Naked

If you want to know how to be sexy for your boyfriend, do this. Sleep naked, even if you don’t have any intention of having sex. Sleeping naked not only helps you sleep faster but also improves your self-esteem. It improves your skin quality and reduces depression, leaving you to feel better in the morning. If you are not on your periods and don’t have a habit of sleep-walking, you can try this for a few months, and you will feel sexier than before.

how to be more sexy

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Also, try to hang around naked in your house when no one is there. Look at yourself closely in the mirror. You will realize that nothing about you is a turn-off. It’s just the people who make you believe so. The more you focus on the sexy body parts, the more you realize that being sexier depends on how you view yourself, not how others view you.

Educate Your Mind

Being beautiful with flawless skin, hair, and body is a thing; it makes you confident for sure. But what about that cute little head of yours? If you don’t have enough knowledge about at least one of your favorite topics, you will be left behind in a group discussion. You won’t feel motivated enough to voice your words. You won’t have that self-esteem that you need the most to become the hottest girl in the room. When you know a lot about a topic, it automatically makes you sexier.

You are sexy in the eye of a sapiosexual. Some people say that ‘most pretty girls are dumb.’ They are kinda right, though. Because all we care about is how we look, and we pay very little attention to educating our minds. A great man looking for a wife will choose you if he finds you intelligent enough to raise a good family.

And you know what? When you are smart, you will instinctively figure out a way to make yourself look hotter. That’s how things work.

How to Be Sexy in Bed: Masturbate More

Not only in the shower, touch yourself more outside of your bathroom as well. Even if you don’t go full-on masturbating, simple touching will make you feel good about yourself. Touching yourself and masturbating a way of showing yourself that you care. Start treating yourself like you want anyone else to treat you. Give yourself a mind-blowing orgasm by using a vibrator or your bare hands, and enjoy your own company. This way, you are not only exploring your body but making love to yourself as well. So if anyone ever tries to tell you that you are not hot, you will have a say against it as you already know who you are.

how to be sexy for your boyfriend

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Dress Sexy but With as Little Makeup As Possible

I always encourage women to use as little makeup as they can. But if it’s something you like, then I won’t say a word. But if you think that using loads of lipstick and eyeliner will make you look more attractive, which they do, of course, but that’s not the real you. The real you is rare and should be shown off to the world. You can achieve healthy skin and hair by taking care of yourself. Eat a balanced diet, drink more water, exercise daily, and read more helpful tips on beautifying yourself naturally, but stay away from that artificial stuff unless you are going to a party. Furthermore, the less you use makeup, the more you will look good on them.

At the same time, dressing is essential when it comes to self-confidence. Don’t listen to people saying, “you should wear this, you shouldn’t wear that, makes you look fat..”etc., etc. Instead, choose what is comfortable for you. Always remember that no-body shape is too odd unless you are body-shaming someone else. If you think that baggy clothes feel good on you, wear them. However, you may also want to buy some clothes that fit your body well. Don’t feel like showing more skin will make you look sexy. This is true only when you are confident as fuck. Style your hair every time you go out to feel good about your look. Do whatever makes you feel alive but try to be as real as possible.

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The Bottomline

Consequently, sexiness or attractiveness, whatever you call it, actually comes from within. There is nothing sexier than your brain, and you can use it to learn how to be sexy for your husband. There are really, many ways you can feel sexy about your body. For example, be a little more dominant than submissive during sex. It will boost your confidence level to cloud nine. You can wear high-heels if you want to, enjoy watching yourself in different lingeries in the mirror. All of these are designed to make you look hotter than you were yesterday. If everything fails, find a boyfriend who will call you sexy.

This was actually my story of how I became sexy in my own eyes. If you have something to say, feel free to use the comment box below. See you in my next post.

10 Advice: How to Have Sex For The First Time?

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Whether you are 18 or 40, losing your virginity is a big thing and should only be done when ready. People will try to tell you different things about losing your virginity, like when you should have sex for the first time, how you should feel about it, and stuff like that. But let me tell you something, there is no right way to lose your virginity, and you are free to feel whatever you think you’re feeling. Losing virginity carries different meanings to different people. Some say having an orgasm through someone else is a thing. It’s totally up to you how you want your first time to be, but make sure you are ready for it. Whatever you are going to do, it doesn’t matter as long as you know how to have sex for the first time.

I know you have many questions and confusions in your mind right now. You are probably thinking about how to initiate the first move, get ready, and so on. To help you out in that matter, I have created this post so you know straight away when it’s the time.

how to have sex for the first time

Ask Yourself, Why Do You Want to Lose Your Virginity?

Why do you want to lose your virginity, anyway? Is it because your friends are pressuring you to or you are really horny? Find out your motive first. Mostly, people decide to lose their virginity when they are horny and want to know how a first sexual encounter feels like. If that’s your case, then go for it!

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If you are going to be sexually active with your partner based on the sole reason of keeping the relationship alive, you are probably making a wrong move. Although sex is important in a romantic relationship, it alone won’t help you keep the guy. Instead, relationship counseling will do nice work.

But I encourage you to choose the right person to give your virginity to unless you want to suffer from heartbreak after sleeping for the first time.

how to have sex

Since you have never been to a physical relationship before, it’s easy to get attached to the person you plan to have sex with. If their intention does not match yours or you two have no internal bonding, you can experience a temporary heartbreak if they ever leave you. So, choose wisely.

Whether or not you will get attached to the person, you are having a first-time with depends on your perspective of sex. Hence, it would be best if you made your mind before you take any decision. The point here is, don’t do anything you might regret later because that’s one thing girls regret doing after five years.

Find Out Your Sexual Preferances

If you are having sex as a teenager, you probably don’t yet know your sexuality or what turns you on. But if you already do, then kudos to you because, at your age, I was probably busy playing Plant VS Zombies on my laptop.

Physical preference, gender, etc., are one thing, and finding out what you like about that person is another thing. For example, you may find someone from your grade very attractive and good-looking, but you might not enjoy sleeping with that guy. Why? Because he may look good and all but his sexual preferences or behavior don’t match with you.

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To remove the awkwardness and uncomfortable situations in bed, make sure to have a thorough conversation about the topic. Once you figure things out through mutual understanding, your first-time will feel more satisfying.

Talk to the Person Before Getting Laid

Once you find out all your sexual preferences and the person you would want to have sex with, discuss the topic before having sex. That person probably has their own preferences. If they don’t know yet, you two can find that out through talking.

I know talking about sex with a person seems like a daunting task, but it will get easier once you learn how to initiate sex talk. Talk about everything you want in bed and how you view sex. If your new mate is experienced, ask him or her how to have great sex in their opinion to prepare yourself in prior.

Talking about sex for the first time with someone requires you to come out of your comfort zone. But that’s where the fun begins, isn’t it? The more you talk about it, the more you get to know about it, and you will get rid of all the confusion that’s on your mind right now. Tell them your desires and needs to your partner and ask them about theirs in return. Better tell them that this is your first time so that they can be careful. They need to be, anyway.

If the person talks about their desires freely, you, too, will feel comfortable talking about your sexual needs. Also, tell them about your boundaries. If you don’t like something, say so. Don’t feel pressured to say yes. Feel free to say ‘no’ if you are not in the mood for it. If the person on the other side pressurizes you to do something, don’t withdraw your boundaries. Instead, leave that person and find someone better. What’s good about doing it with someone who doesn’t respect you, anyway?

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How to Have Great Sex: Explore Your Body First

No one is going to love you the way you love yourself. No one is going to give you what you can give to yourself. Therefore, before thinking about having sex with someone, find out what you want and how you want it.

Relax, I’m not suggesting inserting banana in your pussy. You can play with different parts of your body. Give yourself a clitoral orgasm by touching and rubbing yourself. Find out what your erogenous zones are by touching yourself while naked. In short, masturbate often; in the bathroom, in your living room, and wherever the hell you find appropriate. Don’t hesitate to explore your own body before you giving it to someone else.

You can also purchase a vibrator or dildo and use that to have multiple orgasms. Moreover, if you gain some self-confidence before going to bed with someone, it will help you unleash that inner beast in you. You can exercise daily, eat a healthy diet, and add self-care to your daily routine to feel good about yourself. So, you serve your own self and the person you have decided to be intimate with.

When It’s the Time, Find a Place

When you are ready, pick a place where you will feel safe and comfortable. Avoid public sex as it is illegal and you are new. Instead, you can book a hotel room or visit your partner’s place if the time is right. Always choose a location where you will feel comfortable without being interrupted.

how to have good sex

If someone knows that you will pop your cherry, then maybe ask the person if they could find a safe place for you. If you want to know how to have better sex, then maybe find a secret place that will make your first time memorable.

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How to Have Sex For The First Time: Bring the Necessities

You want your first time to be as good as possible, but don’t bypass the possibility of getting an STD or other embarrassing diseases. Moreover, using a condom is also important for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. If it is not absolutely necessary, please don’t use birth control pills as they are not good for your health.

Along with using a condom, make sure to use some lubes to avoid friction and painful sex. Some women take time to get wet. If you are one of them, using a good gel-based lubricant can help you. Also, if you have talked about how to have anal sex with your partner, lubes are a must! You cannot go having anal without using a good lubricant as it hurts like a bitch. Anal or vaginal, in, either way, lubes are important to make things smoother.

How to Have Sex First Time: Have Lots of Foreplay

Foreplay is essential for both girls and boys, for getting hard and getting wet. Moreover, kissing and touching boost intimacy in a relationship. It brings you closer and lets you open up to each other. If you think that you can have a quickie-quickie because they show it in movies, you can be wrong. First-time sexual intercourse takes time to get past your nervousness and fear. Therefore, as a girl, you will need it more than anybody else.

Also, ensure yourself and your partner that the first time does not have to be boring. You can pick a theme like roleplay or BDSM to make it more interesting. Here, have a look at some of the best foreplay ideas. You can expect some blood and pain while you are fucking for the first time, but it does not have to be that bad. In fact, if you are not aroused enough or don’t trust the person you are having sex with, or not using condoms & lubes, this situation can get worse.

how to have great sex,

How to Have Sex for The First Time: Don’t Forget to Relax

You don’t have to jump and ride as they show in movies. Actually, sex in movies is often not realistic. You can take your time to breathe, communicate with your partner, and find ways to calm yourself.

Playing soft sex songs and lighting a nice scented candle can get you two in the mood, and you will soon forget your stress.

Forget About Orgasm

Sex does not always have to include an orgasm, particularly for the first time. Of course, it’s our priority all the time but let’s not think about it too much when losing your virginity. Think about this journey as a new mental and physical experience that will help you in the long run. Plus, if you can’t get an orgasm, don’t fake it either, for two reasons; they might lose confidence in themselves if they happened to know, and you can’t get an orgasm from the same person again as they don’t know how to give you one.

how to have anal sex

Talk About Your Feelings, Again

As you already got laid and experienced a first intimate relationship, you may feel like some feelings are coming in your way. But if you want to know how to have better sex with the same person, tell them right away how you feel about your first sexual encounter. This will help you grow your relationship even more.

If you have any questions, do ask me in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to 2 am Fantasies to receive more sex tips every week.

How to Lick Pussy: Eating a Pussy the Right Way

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You have no idea how good cunnilingus feels like. If you did, you wouldn’t be here right now. But to be honest with you, it’s a feeling very few have experienced because guys rarely know how to lick pussy good. They either use the tip of their tongue for the sake of our sensation, or they don’t get down at all.

But even if they eat us out, they don’t mean it. If your boyfriend gives you pleasurable cunnilingus, you are lucky. But if you are a boyfriend and trying to learn better ways to how to lick a pussy, try this post where I have shared some serious tips.

how to lick pussy

I will tell you how to get a girl to scream, shout, cry, or even beg you for more by using simply your tongue and fingers.

How to Lick a Pussy: 90% Multiple Orgasm Guranteed!

Did you know most women don’t orgasm through vaginal penetration? It’s because they either don’t have a G-spot, or their partners don’t know how to give her a G-stop orgasm. There are so many sex positions that can help her reach an orgasm. But what about explosive clitoral orgasm? Well, it only happens when you use your mouth and hands at the same time!

Oral sex is the only way to make your woman feel how beautiful sex can be. Because penetration alone is nearly boring. If you want to learn how to lick her pussy and make her come in your mouth, you need to be a hungry puppy.

That means eat a pussy as you mean it. Because it’s not just your touch that makes us feel, but also your reaction.

Get to Know Her Body, Take Your Time

We girls love it when a man can’t resist us. Something is fascinating about a man who touches us like he never touched any woman before. That thought alone turns us on. Before you get down on her and try to lick her out, build that tension. Be patient and explore her body before getting into her pants.

Kiss her everywhere to find her erogenous zones and focus on them to build the arousal. The best sensitive areas in female anatomy are her lips, neck, ear lobes, the back of the ear lobes, boobs, nipples, belly, navel, pelvis area, and inner thighs. Spend 15-20 minutes in all these areas for building tension (of course, you need to be more patient) and let her beg you for it. You will see it in her body when she is ready for more, or she will let you know through words and moans.

how to lick a pussy

The average female takes 20-30 minutes to get aroused, and when her pussy is pumping blood, you can feel her with your mouth. The more you keep teasing her, the more she will feel empty between her legs. You can also lick her out with the tip of your tongue over her panty. This gives a strong tingling sensation down there.

Don’t Forget the ‘Little Penis’

Did you know women’s clitoris are like a mini penis? However, it’s only there to give her intense pleasure. If you can’t give her orgasm through penetration alone, chances are she does not have a G-spot, or you are not fucking her deep enough. But if you know how to lick her pussy well, she will easily come. The clitoris is the little vertical sandwich-like sensitive area that feels like a little bean to the touch.

This magic bean works wonder when you tease it with your tongue or use your thumb to circle the area. To know if you are doing it right, see if the area is shaking with pleasure. Try this incredible technique of stuffing your face between her legs and moan while eating her out. Your warm breath will tingle her senses, and the orgasm will wash over her soon.

Use Your Tongue to All the Right Places

The clitoris is not the only area where you should use your tongue. I mean, it’s a must, but other places around are necessary too. When you built the heat by playing and teasing her, don’t just jump into her magic bean. Instead, let the heat linger by licking her other places as well. Lick around the clit, the labia, the outer labia, vaginal opening, etc. You can lick her anus, too, if she is okay with anilingus. Our anus has so many nerve endings that if you stimulate it, she gets super horny. She can also crave some anal sex after that.

how to lick your own pussy

While using your tongue, it’s also important to notice your movement and speed. Some girls like a broad flat tongue on their pussy, and others prefer a pointy tip to tease them. You can apply both to her and notice how her body responds to each of the techniques. If she shivers/ makes sex noises/ grabs the bedsheet or your hair in her hands, consider her impressed.

Use some variations while you are at it. Nibble a little on her clit (only if she likes it). Try different speeds, directions, and pressures on her clit and other areas around the honeypot. Your first tongue contact with her pussy should be soft, slow, and long. You can go up and down in circular and vertical motion on her clits and labia. Switch the pressure of your tongue from moderate to high and steady and slow. As your girl responds to your touch, you will feel yourself getting harder inch by inch.

Use the Kivin Method Known as Tahitian Cunnilingus

Tahitian cunnilingus only takes around 10 minutes for your lady to explode into a toe-curling orgasm. It includes all the above techniques, but you are going to change your position in this one. Instead of lying between her legs, try to lay sideways and put two of your fingers to the sides of her clitoris. Lick her off from the sideways, back and forth, switching speed and variation. Apply a little pressure on her perineum (the place between her vaginal hole and asshole) with your thumb, and she will love it as it stimulates both the anus and vaginal opening.

When you feel like she is coming close to the orgasm, withdraw your hands, and continue to pleasure her with your mouth. You will know she is coming when her pussy and anus quiver in unison, and warm juices flow from her mouth of arousal. The whole process is all about playing with your speed and paying attention.

How to Lick Pussy Good: Never Underestimate the Power of Your Fingers

Not only your tongue but your fingers are also powerful when it comes to cunnilingus. First, use your middle finger to slide into her pussy and if it does not feel too tight, insert one more finger. Let your thumb stimulate the skin on her anus. When you insert your fingers in her, her upper vaginal wall will feel a little tight. But if you try to push deeper, there is a spongy area beyond the wall, which refers to the g-spot.

However, when you are using your fingers, make sure your nails are short and clean. Don’t scratch her with your nails; be careful when you are trying to finger-fuck her. Press your fingers and circle around her g-spot, and make a come-hitcher motion to make her cum.

When you are fucking her with your finger and stimulating her clitoris, give her that tongue, too, like earlier. And she will come faster than you blink.

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Always Ask Her Opinion

Though you will get most of her opinions through her body posture and mouth, it’s always better to ask. Asking her if she likes it or not improves the communication skills between you, and it is a good addition to dirty talk. Different women have different preferences, and not everyone likes the same way. If you really want to satisfy your girl and want her to cry in pleasure, ask her how she likes it.

If she says, “don’t stop, don’t stop.” Don’t change variations, speed, or direction; instead, go with the same flow. A girl says, “don’t stop” when she really enjoys what you are doing, and she is near to orgasm. There are many other languages women speak during sex. Your best bet will be to keep patience and be attentive all the way.

Mess Around a Little

Girls could learn ‘how to lick your own pussy’ or use pussy sucking toys all the time. But we still need a man. You know why? Because of their talent for multi-tasking. As some men like it when their girls give them a blowjob and cup their balls with their hands simultaneously, we want guys to show us some love while they are giving us an orgasm. Move your fingers around her stomach, up and down, or try to play with her breasts, pinching her nipples. You can also withdraw your mouth from her pussy for a while and kiss her here and there before going back again.

how to lick her pussy

Not only it improves your intimacy but also, this is a great way to worship your lady! Moreover, focusing only on her clitoris won’t do you any good as they tend to be very sensitive. If you overstimulate her, you won’t earn an orgasm; instead, nada.

How to Lick a Pussy: Use Sex Toy!

When you know how to lick a pussy, you know the magic of sex toys. Ask her before you use one on her, and if you can use it right, you are gonna win a jackpot. Various types of sex toys are there; bullet, wand vibrator, and clit vibrator are best for clitoral and nipple stimulation. You can put a bullet on her clits while fingering her deeply. But you can also use a dildo to insert in her vagina and eat her out at the same time.

How satisfying is that! Also, if she is into anal, use two dildos to give her a mind-blowing double penetration! Or multiple-orgasm and double penetration at the same time by putting a vibrator on her clitoris🤯.

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How to Lick Pussy Good? Sip that Yummy Juice!

As you guys like it when girls swallow your cum, we like it when guys taste our warm juice. It gives us the satisfaction that they really like it. Flip your tongue all over her and gradually increase the speed. And when she responds to the pleasure, take her entire pussy into your mouth by forming an “O” shape with your lips. Suck on that for at least 30 seconds and make that sexy yummy sound with your mouth. Then switch back to flipping your tongue over her sensitive clits. When she cums, make sure to give her the ice cream- lick and don’t stop till she’s finished.

how to lick pussy good

Bonus: I found this video somewhere on Facebook and I think you might like it.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you want to keep your girl satisfied, the bottom line is, give her more and more orgasms every day! Even if you are not in the mood of having oral sex, at least finger her. That’s how you keep her telling how special she is and don’t let her forget you.

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10 Aphrodisiac Foods That Boost Sex Drive & Make You Horny

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If you think that 🍆 💦🍑🍒🌸🍌 food and fruits can boost our sex drive because we always use them while sexting online, you are wrong! These emojis look like the private parts of our bodies. But sexologists suggest that some foods, drinks, and fruits out there take a huge part in skyrocketing your sex drive, and they don’t include an eggplant but a banana and peach! So what are those Foods That Boost Sex Drive?

Any foods that have vitamins and minerals are good for your sex drive. However, there are some particular foods out there that play a significant role in boosting our libido.

I know some of you are thinking that alcohol is an aphrodisiac. It is. It increases our sex drive but does not necessarily boost our performance in bed. In fact, the study says that alcohol decreases our sexual performance. Getting drunk and having sex is fun and all, but not really helpful.

So, if you are looking for natural ways to boost sex drive that will help you in the long run, keep reading this post.

Foods That Boost Sex Drive in Men & Women

Rocking your sex life in your mid-40s is a thing, and not everyone can achieve that. If you want your life to be that spontaneous, you can start adding these foods to your everyday diet now. A good today leads to a better tomorrow. Please, remember that these foods boost your libido but do not necessarily make you horny! There is a difference.

Walnuts Can Make You Nuts In Bed

Want to boost sex drive in male? Then walnuts and pine nuts will be your best friends. It is proven to have natural benefits that can improve the quality of male sperm, making them more fertile. Walnuts can make the shape, capacity, and movement of the sperm to get a woman pregnant easily.

foods that boost sex drive
Walnut is good for your heart and brain

Strawberries Don’t Only Look Good

Along with boosting your sexual desires, strawberries improve your sex drive, and you can’t minimize the fact that they look and taste good as well. Along with raspberries, strawberries are loaded with high-quality zinc in their seeds, which is important for both men’s and women’s libido. When zinc level is high in a female’s body, it helps to get wet quickly. In men, zinc boosts testosterone, improving the quality of sperm. Men need more zinc than women because it decreases during sex. Therefore, strawberries are one of the best ways to boost sex drive.

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Boost Sex Drive Female With Chocolate

The rumors are true! Chocolate does boost our libido with its great taste, silky smooth body, and heavenly scent. It promotes phenylethylamine and serotonin hormones in our body that increase our sexual pleasure plus lighten our moods. However, a study says that the effect of chocolate on our body is rather psychological than biological.

ways to boost sex drive

Eggs Are Not Related to Girls Only

Eggs are full of protein and fiber, help us live a better and overall healthy life. But that’s not the only reason we eat eggs. Wanna know how to boost sex drive naturally for men? Eat eggs twice per day, and it will help you get a stable erection. It has amino acid and L-arginine that treats erectile dysfunction. It is one of the best foods that boost sex drive.

natural ways to boost sex drive

Ways to Boost Sex Drive: Eat Steak

Along with vitamin B, iron, and protein, steak is rich in zinc, one of the main sexiest ingredients. No matter how you cook them, you will get the same benefits each time you eat steak. Maybe eat them before going to involve in sexual intercourse. Some foods contain a high amount of zinc, including crab, lobster. So, if you are not a fan of steak, you have all these options.

how to boost sex drive naturally

Fruits are Cute: Avocados, Watermelon, And Almonds

Fruits like avocados, watermelon, and almonds are healthy as fuck. They shouldn’t be here on this list if they couldn’t do anything to make you sexier. Avocados are full of folic acid and vitamin B6 that give us energy and balance hormone functions. Watermelons perfect your erection as they have citrulline, amino acids, and arginine responsible for a healthy sex drive and vascular function. The same ingredients, arginine, and amino acid are present in almonds.

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People Think Coffee Boosts Sex Drive, Is It True?

Two cups of coffee a day can boost the sex drive female as per the research of Southwestern University. Coffee stimulates our brain and leads to sexual arousal. But too much coffee is also bad for your health as it causes restlessness and insomnia.

Saffron and Honey Are Aphrodisiac, Too

Many people consume saffron differently to see a boost in their sex life. You can take it with yogurt, milk, dessert, etc., to experience the taste. And you can also add honey with saffron to whatever food you are taking to improve your energy and stamina that will make you last longer in bed.

Final Words

Foods are not the only natural ways to boost sex drive; there are certainly other factors that can take part in this process. For example, a healthy personal relationship, along with a wise physical and mental routine, has something to do with how you view sex. Libido varies from one person to another, and if yours is less than your girlfriend or boyfriend, that might not mean there is a lack of nutrients in you. Maybe it’s about the stress level you go through every day. Or perhaps you view sex differently.

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How to boost sex drive naturally also depends on how many risks you are willing to take in your life, sexually. And then all these combined can help you see a boost in your libido.

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Happy new sex life!