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Bathroom Sex Position: How to Do it the Right Way?

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Whether you have been fantasizing about it for a long time or just heard about it, bathroom sex is on everyone’s bucket list. If you don’t have shower sex at least for once in your life, you’re not truly living. But hey, some of us are perpetual single!

 bathroom sex

Sorry, dude. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

But I bet you know; you don’t always need someone to have those kinds of feelings. There are tons of ways you can get an orgasm in your bathroom by rubbing yourself.

When we talk about having sex in the bathroom, we imagine ourselves getting naked and wet under the shower. However, that doesn’t happen very often because of various social pressure and circumstances. But why let anyone stop you?

I mean, even if you are in a public restroom, go for it!

 shower sex positions

This is not good!

Lucky you, if you are in a living-relationship or can visit a resort or hotel for some hours. Or you can invite him over when your parents aren’t home. And then you can have some hot steamy sex to warm him up for the rest of the day! If you can’t think of a better sex position rather than missionary, try the ones I mentioned below.

Best 5 Positions for Having Sex in the Bathroom

It’s boring when you already have someone in your room, but you are showering alone. Or someone is showering in your bathroom, and you are sitting alone in your room.

Join them!

Lose your clothes, get naked, and hug him from the behind or in whatever position they are. Just do it.

The hot water additionally calms our nerves in winter, and someone’s touch makes it extra. And if one of you is using any shower gel, it feels like heaven.

But let’s come clean. Shower sex is actually difficult because of the watery floor and slippery wall tiles. But if you do it right, there is nothing more pleasant than this.

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Standing Doggy

Keep your body at the 45-degree angle and rest your hands against the wall while simultaneously pushing your ass around his groin. This position gives him access to every aphrodisiac part of your body, perfect for multiple orgasms! This is one of my favorites bathroom sex positions for a reason. It is safe. Your partner is penetrating you from behind, and he has total control over your body. Also, your hands are keeping you from falling. Therefore, nothing should bother you at the moment except for pure sensation.

people having sex in the bathroom

Girl On Top

Make your boyfriend sit on a toilet or bathtub and get on his lap. Ride him in whatever way you can to have a great g-spot orgasm. In this position, there is no tension of slipping off because you are already sitting. You can turn on the water tap for an added stimulation if you are sitting in a bathtub. Yay if the water is warm, nay if it’s cold. However, temperature play is a big thing.

 hot sex in the bathroom

Standing with a Leg Up

Again, this position has some risks, but who cares if you are using a rubber bath mat that contains a great suction? If you are already turned on either by watching your partner naked or doing some foreplay, let him slip himself in between your legs. Remember to do it carefully, even though you have a rubber mat beneath your feet. If you can do it against a wall or basin or bathtub, you’ll have a balance with your body. Do you know what makes this position divine? His dick rubs against your clitoris more often.

Having Sex in the Bathroom in the Hanging Garden Pose

Hanging garden is like you will be in mid-air, and your legs will be around his waist. This way, he can fuck you deep and perfect. Since you are his face-to-face, you can kiss him, play with his hair, and so forth. Just make sure your boyfriend’s grip is strong around you and not weaken by your desirous body. If you have a rain shower in your bathroom, this position will get hotter and sexier.

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Hot Mirror Sex

If you have a basin in your bathroom and a mirror to see your face, use that to your sexual advantage. Do the thing in doggy style; put your hands next to the mirror or in the basin and shove your ass in his dick. Though there is no direct eye-contact in this position, watching his reflection fucking you is a real turn on.

People Having Sex in the Bathroom with These Tips

Having sex in the bathroom or shower is not as easy as bedroom sex. Hence, surely as a novice, you need some expert tips and suggestions. Can I suggest something? Don’t use oil! Like ever!

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When you have sex under the shower, all your natural fluids may have been washed away by the water flow. Though you are still turned on, to make it more enjoyable, you can use water-based lubes. Here are some shower sex tips you need to follow if you are thinking about it.

Use Waterproof Lubricants

You would want to make things extra slippery, and it won’t be possible with oil. So, how about some spicy silicone-based lubes? They are not only comforting but are super pleasurable. Various companies offer lubricants for extra sexual pleasure. These waterproof lubes won’t clean away, and you can feel that smoothness around you. Plus, try not to use water-based, and oil-based lubes during shower sex.

Add Some Water-Proof Toys for More Fun

Who likes boring sex with no vibration or dildo? Me neither. If you like to be playful, using a butt plug or water-proof vibrator is another way to go with bathroom sex. Even if you don’t have a partner to play with, you can enjoy yourself with a vibrating dildo. Listen, whatever. Sex toys never disappoint.

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Don’t Forget to Get a Little Bubbly

When you are doing it, do it right. Rub some soaps or shower gels to your partner’s wet body and make his skin more slippery to the touch. You can also do that with yourself and ask your husband to do it for you. This can be a great foreplay technique (cause touching turns us on). Also, you don’t have to involve yourself in penetration. Mutual masturbation can also be fun! Stimulate their or your private areas with foams; trust me, it feels awesome!

Anal Sex Guide: How to Have First-Time Anal Sex? Things You Should Know

Use the Shower Head to Turn Him On (and You in the Process)

You can use a double shower head to wash yourselves off. Don’t put the water directly on his face or head (and obviously not directly on the penis or your vagina); rather focus on his strong chest and bareback. This looks not only sexy but is also very refreshing.

Wash it Off, Babe

Do you think having sex under the shower is all that matters? Nah. Do you still need to wash yourself off completely after having sex just like you usually do? Whenever you have sex, you feel lazy afterward, I know. But it’s for your own hygiene as you have loads of sticky warm material in your entrance.

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Having Sex in the Bathroom?

Are you already doing it? 🥵

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Come back to your mama!

I’ll be right here if you need something, anything.

Top 7 Powerful & Passionate Sex Positions of All Time

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Don’t be boring. Yeah, I know that missionary is one of the most intimate sex positions of all time but what’s fun in lying on your back and watching the fan, anyway? Watching pogo and vibrating yourself is better than that.

 sex positions

Don’t get me wrong. I love missionary, especially when he looks at you with heavy breathing and fucks you recklessly. But that’s not the most breathtaking sex position and there are many of them that can turn you on just by pronouncing it.

best sex positions

Whether or not you have heard of them before, I am here to remind you of them one more time. So, let’s buckle up, cuz we are gonna have a joy ride!

Fun Sex Positions: Cowgirl

Call it cowgirl, girl on top, ride, or whatever you want, they all have the same thing in common; intense pleasure! You are the cowgirl, therefore, you are in charge of your and his body. Move your ass the way you want (possibly rotating and pressing is the best). Ask your boyfriend to lie on his back and you will be on top. This is a pleasurable alternative for those who like missionaries. In this way, you take the entire control over your orgasm because you can stimulate your clit and G-spot with his penis.

You can do cowgirling in the reverse way where your back will be against him and you will slip in and out on his cock without a shame. Many girls feel shy in the cowgirl position because their body is completely visible and their partner can see their faces during orgasm. So, if you are a shy girl, then the reverse cowgirl position will be one of the best sex positions for you. You can do whatever you want with your and his hands. You should also touch yourself because it turns him on!

new sex positions

Try to make yourself comfortable by moving your legs to his sides and placing him deep inside you. If you do it right, cowgirl is the best way to get a quick orgasm. Oh, did I mention that It gives extra time to your boy?

Lap Dance

You can also call it the girl on top position because you will be on his lap dancing in his cock all day long! This is among the new sex positions that allow you to penetrate him deep in yourself so that you can enjoy both G-spot and clitoris stimulation. You know where did the term, ‘lap dance’ come from? The busty strippers in the night clubs introduce it to us.

There are two ways to do this right. Sit on his dick by facing him or sit on his lap with your back against him. For this position, you can use your couch, chair, bed, etc. but hard grounds can get a little uncomfortable for you. Sitting on his lap can make it the greatest of all anal sex positions and best bathroom sex positions. While sitting with your face close to his makes it really hot and sexy.

anal sex position

For whatever reason, I know you’re gonna love it! Don’t forget to make it sexier with some smooches, grips, and grinds.

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8 Sex Tips That Will Instantly Boost Your Sex Life

Sitting Face to Face

Sitting face to face is an extremely romantic and passionate sex position that you need to try tonight. It’s like the lap dance position but this time, you won’t be sitting on his lap. Both of you need to sit on a bed facing each other. Your entire body will be distant from him but the only thing that will be connected is your vagina.

Not only this is one of the best and weird sex positions, but I find it particularly sexy. The fact that my body isn’t in contact with him but our nerves are, turns me on. Do it this way; sit on your hip, and with your legs bent. Your body will be leaning back and your entire weight will be on your hands. Move forward, both of you, until your genitals touch each other. This causes great penetration as well as mutual stimulation.

This is one of the new sex positions stated in Kamasutra and some people call it Magic Mountain. You know, why I find this particular thing sexy? It allows eye contact and stimulates our G-spots.


Normal spooning or reverse spooning, you cannot deny the fact that spooning is awesome. Spooning is such an act of affection because it’s like you two are hugging each other. But why not having some orgasm while you are at it? 😉 You know what? Spooning sex position is for lazy people, and yes, I’m lazy. I like to be lazy when it comes to sex sometimes. You can also watch Netflix or grab some popcorn while your partner is penetrating you slowly from behind.

While you are the little spoon and he is doing you, you feel that intense closeness in your relationship. Moreover, this position does not overstimulate the penis so he lasts a little longer in bed. Also, for a woman, this stimulates your G-spot and clitoris, makes it easier for you to achieve an orgasm.

Another reason for loving spooning? You can move your hands to touch yourself and he can do the same to you. The best way to avoid and maintain eye-contact is spooning. It always gets the job done no matter how you are doing it.

Cross: Weird Sex Positions

You may have already thought about the other sex positions in the list but the cross is something not so common. Moreover, the cross can be a little difficult for the novices but it is indeed really pleasurable when you learn to do it properly. You can avoid eye contact with this pose if that helps.

You can count the cross as mutual masturbation if you don’t use each other packages and use hands instead. The pose includes crossing each other’s body. Your boyfriend will be lying on his side by resting his head on his hand. You, on the other hand, will be lying on your back and your legs would be around his hips as if you were sitting on his lap.

Not only this position prompts a deeper penetration but also gives your man some extra time. So, if he is one of those kinds of guys who last only 5 seconds (no offense), the cross will be very much rewarding. I’m telling you again if you want to take a hold of this pose, you’re gonna need some practices.

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Modified Doggy

Modified doggy is no less than the doggy-style sex but it’s a little more classy. There are some reasons why I love this sex pose. A. it helps your partner penetrate himself deeper into you. B. the man can slap my hips while doing me. C. I love hooman dogs.

Modified doggy style gives you a chance to reach orgasm with your partner at the same time. What can be better than that? The only thing you need to do is lowering your front down on the ground or bed and your man will be thrusting you from the behind while he is on top of you. Actually, he isn’t on top of you. He is standing on his knees and holding your hips in his hands and giving you the purest pleasure.

Now you do realize that right, why modified doggy is my most favorite sex position?

Modified Missionary: Best Anal Sex Positions

No, I made it up. It’s not known as a modified missionary, it’s called legs up missionary which is 10x time better than its father. Whether you are doing anal or vaginal sex, legs up missionary are the must thing to try. Or you don’t even have to try. If you are wild enough, you’ll notice your legs automatically going above his shoulders.

Just go as you normally go while doing missionary. Except for this time, your legs will be around his head and his body will be less towards you and more in his standing position. Understood what I meant?

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The legs up missionary make your vagina feel a little tighter and your partner hits you right in the G spot easily. So, if you are someone who is not sexually active for long, this might not be the thing for you… Why would you take my words for it, duh? Try it out yourself.

Invent Your Own Sex Position

If you have tried them all, (which I don’t doubt cuz I know, you are horny af) but still couldn’t find the right position, discover it. Move your body and place yourself comfortably. Ask your partner to make themself comfortable too.

Listen, whatever position you try, won’t be rewarding if it doesn’t make you comfortable. So, ask him and yourself if you are enjoying it or not? Then you’ll think about whether to change it or continue.

And now that you finally have new positions to have to sex in, find some mind-blowing sex tips to keep it going. Plus, feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below.

What are the Most Special Types of Sexualities?

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People around me used to think that there are only two types of sexualities. One is heterosexuality and the other one is homosexuality before I told them that these two are not alone. Primarily, heterosexuality and homosexuality are the primary sexual orientations of human beings. However, there are some other types that can peep up in our early teenage years. Or later when we are adults.

Today, I’m going to talk about how many types of sexualities are there and obviously you are going to find out yours if you couldn’t figure it out yet.

Types of sexualities

Does Your Sexuality Matter?

It does to an extent somehow that your happiness depends on it. If you don’t know what your sexuality is, what types of people you get sexually attracted to, you’ll never know how to fulfill your sexual appetite. That’s why we, in our early teen years, start dating to find out who we are and what we like. It’s okay to start dating at a later age when you are totally happy with yourself. However, in that case, the chances are, you’ve already figured out your sexuality.

Or, is it changeable?

Whatever it is, it doesn’t change the person you are. Your sexuality is only related to your sexual and romantic preferences.

How Do You Find Out Your Sexuality?

Now, this one is a kinda tricky question especially if you are a teenager. I remember there was a girl in my 7th grade who used to fancy girls sexually. I couldn’t quite figure out what she meant by that because I was always into boys. Later when I grew up and talked a lot about sex with my peers and different groups of people, and read and watched movies, I realized that bisexuality wasn’t even in her brain.

She was always into girls and it fucking showed every time I talked to her. But the thing is, she had a boyfriend. So, she didn’t even know what she was doing.

how many types of sexualities are there

So if you are experiencing something similar, I want you to take a deep breath and explore yourself. Now, Punam, how to do that? 🤔

Watch Porn

There are so many categories of porn out there including, lesbian, gay, threesome mff and mmf, and so on. Watch a whole lot of them because you know how fun it is.

But don’t get addicted like Don Jon.

And you will find out what porn category you like the most. If you like the videos where two girls licking each other out, you might be a lesbian.

Explore Through Dating Different People

This is another way of exploring your sexuality if you are open enough about it. Do you find a girl attractive who goes to the same school as you? Try her out. She may not know if she is a lesbian or not but if you don’t throw your shot, you might never know.

Also, be sure to subtle about it and not completely open. Remember, you don’t already know about your sexuality so there is nothing to hide. There are so many other sexualities types than being totally lesbian or straight. We will get to that shortly but before we do, I want you to be patient with it and find out more about yourself apart from only your sexual orientation.

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Talk to People

I know it sounds a bit scary but why don’t you try? You know, maybe you have some friends around who are homosexual and are confident about their sexual identity? If you talk with them about their relationships and sexual preferences, you may find out somethings that you really need to know. You don’t have to tell them right away about how you feel or what’s on your head. Just extract information from their feelings and you’ll get to learn about yours.

Types of Sexualities and Their Meanings

Now finally, here are the much-awaited types of sexualities list. Just have your eyes scan through this section to find out how many types of sexualities are there and which one is yours?

Your Guide to Anal Sex: How to Have First-Time Anal Sex? Things You Should Know

To be honest with you, the sexualities list is quite long and there are more than 45 types of sexualities out there.

types of sexualities and their meanings

But you won’t be able to remember all of those terms so it’s better to only know the popular and simple ones.


Here it comes…

Types of Sexualities: Monosexual

People who are either heterosexual or homosexual, known as monosexual. You can either be attracted to a person of your opposite sex or a person of the same sex as yours.


Bisexual people confuse themselves at the beginning of finding their sexuality. Sometimes they think that they are in love with their best friend’s boyfriend and sometimes they think that they are in love with their bestfriend. If you get what I mean it’s completely okay because you are bisexual. It’s okay to turn yourself on while looking at boobs and a penis at the same time.

Guess what? Most girls tend to be bisexual by nature. Not me if you are wondering.

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8 Sex Tips That Will Instantly Boost Your Sex Life

 types of sexualities list

Sexualities Types: Asexual

Asexual people are not horny like us. They don’t desire or get themselves involved in any type of sexual activity. They get to choose whether they want a relationship or not. And ultimately they decide whether or not they want to have sex. Yes, they exist and I respect these people.

sexualities list

Types of Sexualities: Pansexual

Pansexual people don’t care about your sexual orientation or gender, as long as you attract them emotionally or physically, they will sleep with you.

If you ever decide to have sex with a pansexual person, don’t forget to learn some sex tips from them.


Sapiosexual people tend to get attracted to people with immense intellect. Now those people can be of the same sex or opposite sex, it doesn’t matter. If you talk smart with them, there is a 96.5% chance they are getting horny by your words.

Now the person with intellect can be a guy or woman. This time it’s on you to figure out whether you are a sapiosexual or a homosexual.


Demisexual people think a lot before getting into action. If you are dating a guy for a while and trying to get into his pants but he’s not responding well, chances are he is demi. It means they need a strong emotional bond before committing to any kind of sexual activity. How cool is that!

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Types of Sexualities: Autosexual

Many people you know can be autosexual. These people don’t need anyone else to turn themselves on. They can look at their own body and get horny af. I don’t blame them. They must be that sexy!

What is my sexuality? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

The Bottomline

See here is what I think, figuring out your sexuality can be a long process but it doesn’t have to be that hard. If you are still looking for other types of sexualities, then look into this page. Or if you are looking for more posts like this, then don’t forget to subscribe to my email list.

8 Sex Tips That Will Instantly Boost Your Sex Life

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When you see someone naked for the first time, your libido heightens automatically (unless, of course, you are auto-sexual). But after having several sexual encounters with the same person, you may feel like it’s getting a bit boring. However, you know that with these spicy Sex Tips, this can get better.

sex tips

The question is, why does it happen? Psychologically, there tends to be a whole lot of sexual tension between you two before and when you sleep together. As you become more familiar with each other’s body and physical needs, you feel like you know everything. But that’s not always the case.

There was a friend of mine who told me that her guy couldn’t fuck her like before. What I extracted from the information is something like this-

Sex Tips

It is not his problem or yours unless there is an underlying health condition. Then what is it? Lack of interest? Nah! It’s just the lack of spices in your sex life.

1. Sex Tips for Relationship: Change Positions

Having sex in the same position every day is not only dull but also limits your body. Sex is the most intimate subject in life, and the more you express your desires to your partner, the more it gets better. The more you try out new positions, the more you understand your body. There are various popular sex positions people perform that you can try every day or even every hour. But whatever you try, make sure to give your best to it; otherwise, you’ll get bored after a few strokes.

sex tips for relationship

Don’t get confused when I say ‘give your best to it.’ What I meant by that is, be sure to do it right. If possible, read Kamasutra and change the way you view sex and intimacy in your life. Or, discover your goddamn sex position if you can. Just don’t always stick to one. There are tons of sexual acts stated in Kamasutra that are sexy af.

For starters, here are a few sex positions that I love the most, and I highly encourage you to try them tonight!

2. Men Sex Tips: Change Place

Whether you are a man or a woman reading this post, I know you have considered changing your usual place of having sex before. The bedroom is the most commonplace to have sex, but what about getting more adventurous? If you think having sex in the bathroom, kitchen, or dining room is old-school, go outside! I’m not kidding. You don’t have to be a porn star to do that; real people enjoy these kinds of adventures very often as well. Here are some of the places where you can have sex if you want to get adventurous.

3. Eat Healthy and Exercise a Lot

It is one of the most important sex tips for women that experts recommend. If you don’t eat well and stay healthy, your sex life won’t be up to mark that your partner can expect. Looking sexy is a part of having sex (well, not always only while you are having sex.) Consuming a fair amount of nutrition every day can help with your heart and reproductory system. Choose the right foods for your libido so that you don’t feel tired after only one round. In this post, I have explained the foods that can help you boost your sex drive.

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Besides eating the right foods and beverages, try workouts that are specially designed for keeping your sex life alive. Both men and women should avail of the benefits of exercise, no matter how old or young you are. Creating a habit of exercising regularly can help with your erection and stamina, thus providing you with a better sex life.

4. Do Pillow Talks with Your Lover

Talking about sex with your partner makes it easier to initiate the process. Both new couples and those in a relationship for some years should try to talk more about sex. The reason why I’m stating this is, over days, our fantasies change, and we start to think about different sex acts. Maybe you or your lover has a new idea about your sex life, but you can’t talk about it because you don’t know if your feelings would get reciprocated or not.

Set a mood and the right environment and ask your companion what’s on their mind. Maybe they have the same intentions as yours? You’ll never find out if you don’t talk about it. If you are unsure about starting sex, talk with your new boyfriend, read this post.

5. Try Threesome

The same-old is getting boring? Why don’t you switch things up? Ask for his permission about having a threesome with your friend. Maybe he has thought about it way before then you can imagine. Having sex with a third-person may feel uncomfortable if you are not open about it. So, the first thing first. Talk to your companions and set some guidelines, and unless you are sure about your boyfriend’s preference, don’t try anything. Watch your mouth when you talk about a threesome, and catch how he’s responding to it. If he doesn’t seem interested, don’t bother.

However, if you are lucky, he may want to consider it. If he does, read this post and explore a full guide to an awesome threesome.

6. Don’t Have Sex Too Much

The worst thing about sex is, if you don’t put a pause to it, it doesn’t do its best. You can create a schedule of how many days you will have sex in a week, and you can stick to that particular schedule. Or, you can try not to have sex at all for a whole week! I know this probably sounds impossible, but it is very lustful advice. When you don’t have sex with each other (or with anyone) for at least a week, the previous sexual tension between you two builds up again.

You don’t have to give it all up for the whole week if you can’t. Instead, try teasing, playing, and other sexual acts. Read this post to find different erotic things apart from penetration.

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Top 7 Powerful & Passionate Sex Positions of All Time

7. Use Various Foreplay Techniques

It doesn’t matter how long you guys are together; foreplay always helps in a mind-blowing orgasm. Why? Because when you are touching and kissing each other, it builds tremendous sexual excitement in your body. Though a long foreplay session is all about your self-control and patience, it is very, very worth it in the end.

Here is the thing, foreplay does not always mean the same old kissing and touching techniques. You can do roleplay, erotic massage, watching and reading sex scenes together, etc. as a part of foreplay. It helps you get wet, and he too gets his erection. If you are new to this, I suggest you read sex tips for the first time; here, I have written various foreplay techniques.

8. Sex Tips for Men: Change Your Partner

This one is the last thing I would recommend, but I still recommend it. If you have tried all of the above methods to improve your sex life with your spouse, but regardless of no result, then probably it’s the best time to change your partner. However, don’t cheat on them. Talk freely and ask for their permission. If they are not okay with you sleeping with someone else, it’s time to consult a relationship and sex coach to make it right.

There will be two possible scenarios after sleeping with someone else. Either you will like your new company, or you will realize that your partner is better than anyone else. And after that, you can decide whether or not you are okay with this relationship. There are plenty of ways to find a new sex partner; read this post to know more.

Final Verdict

Improving your sex life can be a long or short-term process only if you are consistent about it. Our preferences for having sex change from time to time, so, to get the most satisfaction, don’t rely on only one strategy. Want to know more? Subscribe to my email list (IT’S FREE!) and get fresh content to your inbox each time I post.